09 September 2014


There seems to be a resurgent uprising of electro-indie bands of late. Thumpers, Prides, The Other Tribe anyone? Shimmering keys, tropical beats and a plethora of other percussive increments abound. It is a popular scene indeed and now you can add London band Waylayers to it. Harry, Dave and Joe have risen from bedroom obscurity at last. 

"Footsie" starts off with a floozy sun-washed guitar sequence where ushered vocals skittle across an expansive musical impression so that filtered sounds may enter and fill in the voids of previous nothingness; a buoyant tempo gives a waft of energy to the track and a quick shift in genre and mood sees sweltering indie rhythms become subsumed in a vivacious club beat. This singularity alone snares your aural receptors and slides "Footsie" into a neon funnelling of house-twitch bleeps and smatterings. Timidly promiscuous lyrics and Friendly Fires-esque vocals ensure Waylayers cover all bases with this late summer rascal.

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