18 September 2014


BANKS is an artist who exudes mystery and hushed vocal sensuality. Joining an increasingly popular club (think Claire Maguire, Salt Ashes, Grimes) the brooding silhouette of this twenty-something starlet casts a powerful shadow over any given crowd. The singer, who resides in Los Angeles, California has already supported the likes of The Weeknd as well as coming third in the BBC's Sound Of 2014 short list. No mean feat.

BANKS' latest single is a devilish production where blackened moods and recalcitrant instrumentals jostle. "Beggin' For Thread" utilises what BANKS is renowned for, her subtle layering of sounds and that voice: murmured, disclosing, a window into the very soul of such an emotively astute individual. The singer had kept all of her material private until quite recently and that is all the more evident from the personalised, angst ridden atmospherics that dominate; wafting reverb, damp bass thuds and an encompassing synthesised stucco cements this package as choruses integrate and lyrical proficiency abounds. This is powerful mood-pop that befits BANKS and her artistic expression perfectly.

Check out the music video for "Beggin' For Thread" below. Be sure to get your copy of BANKS' album "Goddess" which is out now. Like what you hear? Share, re-tweet, re-post this review.

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