16 September 2014


London vixens Eli And Fur first caught our attention two years ago with their thumping release "Tonight", now the effortlessly chic and dexterous music maestros have teamed up with renowned producer Shadow Child to produce "Seeing Is Believing", a salubrious deep-house, electro-twitch leviathan.

What strikes you about "Seeing Is Believing" is the miscellany of senses that such an invigorating production can trigger. Woozy and futuristic digital sounds and hi-tech distortions pool together to create an overarching feeling of expanse, of unrelenting space where inputs of sound can be drawn tantalisingly into the aural ether to soar high and capture your attention. Galactic reverb coupled with the duo's seductive vocalisations lure you into a stupor, a dalliance of wobbling dance beats and house rhythms that evokes the kind of fantastical emotions only a night of inebriation could replicate. Eli And Fur along with Shadow Child have produced a beast.

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