26 January 2013


First off, we will admit that we hadn't heard of Us Baby Bear Bones until their jaunt at the Green Door Store with IYES and Canada's Born Gold. Yes, we feel guilty so let's make up for lost time. Us Baby Bear Bones consists of Elizabeth, Daisy and Luke who produce, and we quote, "Dream pop ~ born as a result of restrictions, steering them in the direction of multi-instrumentalism". Having viewed their performance with an open mind we can safely say that Us Baby Bear Bones were a lovely surprise. This captivating band have a brilliant, mystical aura that transcends both their visual stage presence and audible productions. Each track is beautifully constructed with intricate instrumental layers that build into an enchanting display of tinkering xylophone chimes and resonant drum beats. Such juxtaposing sounds shouldn't work on paper, but Us Baby Bear Bones manage to create a harmonious balance that works very well when performed live. Alternative noire-pop tracks such as "You" and "Swamp" twirled around the crowd with a feeling of wonderment as satin keys peppered swooping vocal soundscapes to create a smoky atmospheric backdrop. This Brighton band really do make dream-pop tinged with slow-beat sparkles and vocal decadence and their performance at the Green Door Store absolutely proved that.

Check out the music video to "You" below then tell us what you think of this Brighton band and leave a comment below.



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