23 January 2013


KAMP! are a band that have been around for a while having grown a popular domestic following in their native Poland and a niche global fanbase thanks in part to their audio displays of vibrant and golden electro-pop. We haven't blogged about a Polish music act before and it is safe to say that the trio stand alone as far as electro-pop from the Eastern European nation is concerned. "Melt" was recorded over a year ago in the studio and has since worked its way onto the band's set list over the last twelve months. KAMP! have chosen the DISCOTexas record label to release their new single having tweaked its characteristics to become an absolute gem of dreamy electro infusions. Bide your time with "Melt", it is a relatively long track sitting at just over five minutes in length; your patience is luxuriously rewarded as the song continually builds momentum to add further meticulous musical facets. Evoking spiritual bouts of flute-like tingles and breezy computations during the first two minutes immediately draws interest as the tempo slowly builds. We have to pinch ourselves that this isn't a new release from St Lucia, The Other Tribe or Carousel. This is KAMP! and we love it. "Melt" continues into a world full of floating synths, tropical percussion backdrops and hazy vocal outpourings that bathe ear canals in a salubrious music cocktail; this track is the perfect equilibrium between cosmological electro-pop, euphoric Majorca dance and heated indie grit to which we cannot help but play on repeat.

Check out the music video for "Melt" below then let us know what you think. Do KAMP! get the thumbs up? Let us know and leave a comment.



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