24 January 2013


For those who follow this blog regularly you will be familiar with the name of IYES; we mentioned the fledgling Brighton duo of Josh and Melis last month as their debut track "Lighthouse" set alight the internet thanks to the duo's smooth R'n'B angles and wavy alt-pop harmonies. Gaining a label as "The next XX" has helped this ensemble to obtain a quick fanbase and after this performance it isn't hard to see why. Being first on can prove difficult at times but IYES indulged the crowd to a selection of swishy audio pleasantries. The band's stage presence was refined. The music most certainly did the talking and that is the IYES way it would seem. Each song swirled mesmerically into the next with fluid execution whilst the timid charm of lead singer Melis ensured the delivery was poised amid disco ball flickers and scuffling shoes. Despite all this we never even thought about those XX comparisons; Josh and Melis make music in their own individual way by channelling a strong, pulsating beat and solid vein of shadowy electro between each instrumental layer. Captivating throughout, IYES provided a great opening set to warm the crowd and generate a wonderful little atmosphere.

Check out "Lighthouse" below and follow the Facebook/Twitter links to show your support. Tell us what you think of IYES and leave a comment.



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