16 January 2013


Club Sahara is the London based solo artist Jakob Fredrik. Aided by Josh Christopher, one half of Brighton's latest talent IYES, it is clear that Club Sahara are still a mysterious outfit with minimal online presence. What we do know is that Fredrik has established his own niche sound called "Death RnB" and his debut track "Birthday" perfectly lays down the genre's foundations. Morose, provocative and drizzled in a solemn musical undertone this track has the ability to reach out and pull you in to a world of digital vortices and hollowed sound. You can feel this song. Tangible in places but always remaining just out of distance. Can people relate to that type of effect and enjoy it? We think so. Such a unique quality to instil in your music is very impressive indeed and Fredrik can take full credit for such an achievement. "Birthday" swirls along with an otherworldly motion of rippling synth pools and cavernous vocal outpourings; through every spoken word there is a distinct emotive vein of anguish that slices the soundboard again and again. Reminiscent of Hadouken's "Lost" or Breton's "The Commission", Club Sahara have nurtured an atmospheric sound dripping rich with Fredrik's shimmering Teutonic roots. A track such as this only promises bigger and better things and we for one are certainly anticipating the next arrival.

Listen to Club Sahara's debut track below then let us know what you think and leave a comment.


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