08 January 2013


Headed up by Nathan Williams, Californian vagabonds Wavves return after a brief hiatus with a refreshingly slushy jaunt of xylophone introduced sparkles and muffled retro sounds. We at Owl By Night are still baffled by the lack of enthusiasm the UK has shown towards Wavves. After all, their music is dynamic and trips hazily along into dunes of sun-kissed, garage indie. So why any BOY London hipster hasn't downloaded their entire back catalogue remains a flickering mystery. Having created such a distinctive sound it comes as no real surprise that the trend for channelled guitar strums and sandy alcohol soaked thuds steadfastly remains in place on the Americans' latest effort, "Sail To The Sun". Feeling around for a sturdy musical footing within the first minute, this track evokes imagery of that little newly-born deer you see on wildlife documentaries; stumbling about on wobbly limbs the delicate instrumentals tip-toe out the way for fizzy copper beats and fractious vocalised choruses that fuel this lively track along into a dreamy grease-pop realm. Get winter out the way already and head to the beach, turn up the volume, drink a pint or three and make wavves. 

Check out the music video below and show the guys some Facebook support then tell us what you think of Wavves. Leave a comment below. 


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