19 January 2013


We thought it apt to review a song about the white stuff when it currently has brought half of the UK to a standstill. Fortunately whilst we are stuck indoors braving the cold this beautiful little track has immediately made us feel all warm and fuzzy. Gothenburg resident Frida Sundemo is another pristine Swedish songstress who works with a clinical production ethic and dynamic vocal presence when it comes to all things electro-pop. Joining the upper echelons of music society with fellow Swedes Lykke Li and Ask Embla, this trainee doctor-turned-singer has spent a year in the studio with producer Naiv to create the long await "Indigo" EP, released March 25th. Fellow countrymen Materikaa have taken the delightful simplicity of "Snow" and stripped it back to an almost blank canvas. The first minute is a gentle affair of expansive synth flurries falling across a sleek geometric domain of bleeps and Sundemo's crystalline harmonies. Becoming more intricate with every passing second, the gradual tempo increase spurs on an inquisitive chorus of velvety electro spasms and dolphin-esque warbles. Sundemo's vocals weave perfectly between the electro plains that Materikaa traverse to produce a fragile musical tapestry that we defy any listener to not sit back and smile at. Flawless, instrumentally astute and full of glittering sound elements, these two artists have produced a perfect track to compliment any snow-filled day.


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