19 January 2013


Owl By Night first blogged about Charli XCX back at the end of 2011 when the creative teenager was all fresh-eyed and bushy tailed. We instantly took a shine to her experimentalist slants on pop; the dexterous lady knew what she wanted and went with it. With help from collaborators like Patrik Berger (Lana Del Rey) and Alex Metric, the London starlet has used her head wisely to ensure she is surrounded by the very best. After the welcoming reception for "Nuclear Seasons" and "You're The One", Charli XCX has opted for another sparkling track that pushes pop boundaries and dissolves the notion of everything in moderation. Working with electronic genius Gold Panda, "You (Ha Ha Ha)" commences with a swarming array of synth glitches and veiled Bollywood sheen that will immediately remind you of the way Passion Pit or Of Montreal would construct discordant noise fantasies. Charli XCX spreads her distinct crimson vocals over the jittery background with a rich array of smooth notes and sassy murmurs that typify this song throughout. Her brash lyrics give this latest release a sense of depth. "Coz I know you struggle. Choke when you see love grow". It is all rather "I told you so" and drips bitter-sweet tones over the entire production. With a corybantic set of verses and a pounding chorus of warped bass-lines and imposing beats this track revels in it's M.I.A - "Paper Planes" style of irreverence to which we cannot help but love.

What do you think of "You (Ha Ha Ha)" and the music video? Let us know and post us a comment below.



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