27 January 2013


Having seen Born Gold last year at The Great Escape Festival we were mightily impressed with their performance ethics; they were jovial and enthusiastic, possessing a charismatic stage presence. When we heard that the Canadian trio were returning to Brighton as part of their first European tour we had to see them again. Led by Cecil Frena, the band provided the small crowd with balloons to throw around and reflect disco ball light streams, enhancing the visual aesthetic. Not surprisingly the addition of a simple thing like balloons created a miniature scene of pandemonium and childishness all whilst Born Gold performed. Mixing visual elements with frenetic noise plateaus created a fantastic atmosphere that would have been perfect in an underground club. Frena's futuristic motion sensor jacket and his rapturous dancing perfectly drew us into a world full of cantankerous bass grinds and jittery cosmo-synth waterfalls. Their infectious energy made the performance entertaining as each track barrel rolled into the next fuelled by a ravenous electro hunger. Splitting their set into two distinct chapters, older material and new material created a flowing performance that we completely adored. Older tracks like "Lawn Knives" spliced the air with bursts of space odyssey electronica and Berlin-esque techno whilst their newer material provided a more docile affair of breezy bass whirs and soaring vocals. Hopefully we will see these Canadians and their balloons again soon.

Check out the video to "Lawn Knives" below and show the guys some Facebook love. Leave a comment and tell us what you think.



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