05 August 2013


The Stockholm duo of Taped Rai have mysteriously shrouded their identity; with very little information leaking onto the internet about them, bloggers and music journalists alike have shown a keen interest in the Swedish pair since their earlier mainstream collaboration with David Guetta. "Epilogue I And II - Shadow Of The Sun" is an utterly stunning composition that rewards any listener's sustained attention with a brilliantly dynamic genre switch to an energising crescendo. Soothing harmonies and delicate vocal strokes float between tentative and emotively attuned piano keying for several minutes as a prolonged introductory format, a superb portrayal of how lyrics, voice and a solitary instrument can produce a masterful piece of audio art. Sounding like a velvety mix of Thomas Azier, The Sound Of Arrows and DWNTWN, Taped Rai transform this single into a momentous electro-dance beast with typically Nordic verve and sublime execution that perfectly showcases how genres can be intertwined and seamlessly reworked.

Check out the music video for "Epilogue I And II - Shadow Of The Sun" below then tell us your thoughts on this Swedish duo. Share this post, retweet and spread the new music love.

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