24 August 2013


Bubbling away in the background, quietly assured and producing confident alt-electro soul jaunts is London based producer Ben Stefanski, better known to people under his moniker of Raffertie. Since our summer sojourn this multi-faceted exploiter of sounds has been making quite a name for himself; championed by Radio 1, signed to Ninja Tune and with a collaboration featuring fellow Londoner YADi under his belt Stefanski well and truly has his music honed. "Build Me Up" may be several months old but a track such as this lacks any ephemeral niches and commercialised mediocrity. From the offset Raffertie cajoles his oscillating vocal harmonies along with an almost protective tendency amidst cathartic synth waves, staccato drum beats and cetaceous click agitations. The use of a Mariah Carey sample further exemplifies the producer's unique craftsmanship and willingness to experiment. Raffertie allows severed emotions to permeate between the instrumental background making it sound all rather Niki And The Dove meets James Blake where kaleidoscopic noises triumphantly assert themselves within vast expanses of nothingness to create simplistic yet stunning electronic landscapes.

Check out the Soundcloud for "Build Me Up" via the link below and be sure to listen to the entire EP of the same name, then share, retweet and spread the new music love.

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