28 August 2013


We have championed Strangers' take on pop-tinged noire-tronica since hearing their beautifully emotive single "Shine On You" during a stunningly captivating performance at last year's Great Escape Festival. Since then the London group have been inseparable from the studio in the pursuit of electro-pop perfection and absorbing musical intricacies. Front-man David Maddox-Jones has stated the band's desire to encourage new fans into their transcendent, ethereal pop world via a series of free downloads. "No Longer Lost" is one such download. Immediately our ears are accosted by jittery keys and contorted synth channels which pave the way obediently for Maddox-Jones' embracing, honey-sweetened vocals. It feels like Strangers have taken a step out of the morose realms of electro angst in favour of shimmering instrumentals and spirited resonance. Eighties infused beats and extravagant fluctuations of sound all vie for attention as the track dances onwards ensuring a positive ambience is maintained. It is all very IYES meets Bastille and it works exceptionally well. Vivacious choruses and a bridge sequence involving the beautiful harmonies of female artist Charli Rouse affirmatively instil pleasant thoughts and dose you to the hilt with euphoric electro wanderlust.

Check out the Soundcloud for "No Longer Lost" below then share, comment, tell us what you think and all that goes in between. You know what to do.

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