28 August 2013


Last November Brighton vagabonds Bad For Lazarus staggered onto the new music scene with "My Muddle", which hot-pokered people's aural senses with frenetic guitar thwacks, jovial vocal movements and delightfully rambunctious grit-rock. After an instantaneous media furore the band are now signed to SH!T CHIC Records and follow-up single "Burnt!" thankfully possesses all of the charismatic isms that made Bad For Lazarus stand out from the crowd in the first place. This latest offering is made all the more fantastic due to a lack of guitars. Yes, no guitars! Thus, subverting entrenched conventions and turning them on their head. From the offset malevolent keys and scuzz-bass reverberations slither along with soundboard drive; fractious instrumentals dogfight in the background amidst thrashing cymbals and twitchy drum beats whilst the guttural vocals of lead singer Fownes deliver a neural dose of excitability. "Burnt!" is almost three minutes of experimental sound searching that involves psychedelic noise altercations, retro vocal chirps and maniacal svelte-rock tendencies in one noxious mix. It's no real surprise that producer Chris Goss (Queens Of The Stone Age) has shown a keen interest in the guys and their amazingly discordant fuzz-rock anthems.

Download "Burnt!" on 02/09/13 and grab yourself a copy of the eagerly anticipated LP "Life's A Carnival, Bang! Bang! Bang!" due for release later this Autumn. Remember to follow the guys on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud for your listening pleasure.

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