06 August 2013


We have to admit that Eilidh Hadden sneaked underneath our new music radar. Her official debut "Close To Home" is already several months old but we are compelled to review it. The fledgling singer from Perthshire, Scotland has already recorded a taster EP and received support from BBC Radio 1's introducing show. She has even had her latest offering used for a Made In Chelsea TV ad and it isn't hard to see why. Starting off with an intoxicatingly addictive "ah-oh" that will bury itself deep into your memory banks throughout the song's duration, "Close To Home's" opening sequence is fuelled by imposing drum beats and a culminating tempo surge that just about underpins Hadden's determined vocal outpourings and glassy tones. The creative intuition of this bold starlet ensures that each chorus spills forth a fiery alt-pop mix of occasional bass-line growls and pulsating synth explosions that conveys her inner emotions rather nicely we think. This is an audacious, lyrically astute track that feels very similar to established works by Florrie or Ellie Goulding in places, proving how much musical artistry Eilidh Hadden has to offer. 

Check out "Close To Home" below and tell us what you think of the newbie from Perthshire. Do you love her sound as much as we do? Tell us, share this post, retweet like mad and spread new music love.

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