29 August 2013


The electro-house scene within the UK has stalled in recent years; in a world where artists compete for chart supremacy and Zeitgeist appeal it can be difficult to rise above the commercialised fodder to gain attention. The music has to do the talking. Fortunately for Champione, the moniker used by Brighton producer Rory Muldoon, his prodigally charismatic and angular musical progressions do just that. Champione is a name which is becoming increasingly synonymous amongst the Brighton dance scene and with a plaudit strewn "Home" EP things bode well for the digitally adept maestro. "Unicorns" is an absolute behemoth of a track that collides, distorts and extracts all manner of influences into one cataclysmic ensemble. Think of Madeon, Fake Blood and VISITOR and that should place you in good stead. The opening sequence is a monstrous stormer of ruptured staccato Deutsche-beats, ostentatious synths and enthusiastic key relays all funnelled into a fluxing tempo driven cavalcade. Such a plethora of technophilic leanings is delightfully refreshing from a UK artist and we love the exuberant, almost haphazard application of musical interjections. Eventually Balearic vocal whispers and repetitive Franco-house thuds dominate the composition, highlighting the transgressive ease of Champione's sound and thus showcasing his prowess. European producers, sit up and take note.

Check out "Unicorns" via the Soundlcloud below, grab the "Home" EP as a free download then share, retweet and spread the new music love like always.

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