05 August 2013


These days Glasgow is developing an unlikely reputation as the epicentre for all things electro-pop. Think along the lines of Hudson Mohawke and more recently the fuzzy loveliness of CHVRCHES and you begin to see some indication that the Scottish city is breeding amazingly talented leaders of the sub-genre. Now you can add Prides to that expanding list; the trio of Stewart, Lewis and Callum officially dropped "Out Of The Blue" back in April this year but the track remains very much fresh and intriguing for all the right reasons. Unashamedly camp, glittery and fusing eighties-style nuances into one metallic musical alloy is what Prides already seem to do best. Epic choruses where majestic synth spirals dance around sure-footed drum beats and angular guitar strides paint a delightful electro-pop portrait that blends retro elements with contemporary vision. This single is very Toto - "Africa" meets Van She and offers a beautifully uplifting glimpse at what this new Glaswegian group have up their sleeve for future releases.

Check out their debut single "Out Of The Blue" below and tell us what you think. Do Prides tick all the right boxes? Share this review and spread the word.

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