25 March 2013


Haus are an exciting new band from London. The six piece consisting of Jack, Samuel, Daniel, Ashley, Ellis and Lyle have stunned critics and fellow bands alike with their mature, finely layered arrangements that surpass their youthful exteriors. You would assume Haus are going to be a hazardous explosion of sound and boisterous energy but that most certainly isn't the case and we love it when conventions are refreshingly subverted. Haus are brilliant musicians with a knack for producing tactile indie blinders mixing the Bohemian tendencies of Foals and the dynamism of The Courteeners. "February" is a typical indie jaunt which bumbles along with adolescent pace and orchestrated instrument interplay. However, what separates this from the genre's usual mediocrities is an underlying warmth that coats each element in a bronze musical sap perfect for summer. Each chorus dances around with sufficient energy amidst a drizzling of honeyed guitar riffs and illustrious drum beats that ensure the tempo remains jovial throughout. Between such embracing musical intrusions are the vagabond chords of Jack Bushell that deliver a harmonious trickling of vocals to really make this track stand out. There are many angles to "February" and this single reveals the intuitive side to Haus along with their ability to craft fantastic indie-pop tracks without pausing for thought.

Check out Haus' newest single "February" below via their Soundcloud then show some support and 'Like' the Facebook page. Do you this latest indie band? Tell us what you think and leave us a comment.




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