01 March 2013


Demob Happy are from our hometown of Brighton. They are part of an intricate community of musicians whose lives interweave and bounce off one another, keeping the heart of Brighton's new music scene well and truly thumping. Sitting alongside fellow residents Kill Moon and Tiger Cub, this rambunctious foursome are continually compared to early years Kings Of Leon. They may appear to be rebellious but delve past such a fa├žade and underneath are musicians with an extremely talented music base coupled with the right amounts of attitude and raw delivery that make them a band to love and not loath. Having had a fantastic previous year the band are ready to drop new cut "Wash It Down". Demob Happy have created a track that enables each individual's musical inputs to perfectly compliment one another into a seamless outpouring of sound. From the offset we are treated to an extended interlude of cupreous guitar riffs and honeyed chord orchestrations which saunter along harmoniously to build up tempo and noise ridden drive. Eventually gritted drum beats and fuzzy cymbal smatterings dictate a bout of fervent chorus interplay that well and truly keeps everything rooted to the ground. "Wash It Down" is over four minutes of effortless guitar-led indie rock that feels completely organic in its construction where strong vocals magnetically latch onto instrumentals, bringing everything into a metallic, unified arrangement. Demob Happy's anthems give this often forgotten genre an invigorating dose of energy and showcases how rich and diverse the music scene in Brighton truly is. 

Check out the brand new music video for "Wash It Down" below then show some support for the guys and follow their Facebook page. Tell us your thoughts on this latest single. Does it get your approval or not?



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