02 September 2013


A suave producer of French electro-house fusions and a scintillating bubble-pop vixen from the UK. On paper the juxtapositional nature of both Monsieur Adi and A*M*E would imply that a successful collaboration could be hard to achieve. However, when we saw that the two creatively astute and intrepid artists had merged together we instinctively knew it was bound to be a fiery dance-pop anthem that smelted English joviality with French discotheque ambience. We were right. These two echelons of their relative genres have produced a track that really does work despite its obvious eclecticism regarding all manner of inputs and influences. "What's Going On" starts off with a classical opening sequence that mixes piano key jabs with avant-garde violin swoons, making this a frivolous and grandiose beginning indeed. Unexpectedly there is a dramatic shift where the music morphs into a contemporary slice of Parisian tech-beat sound play as the tempo starts to gain momentum. A*M*E's typically sassy vocals dominate from here on in by leaving a smooth urban lacquer over the French producer's latest smash as she purrs sweet lyrics amidst warbling bass lines, twinkling digitalia and punctured instrumental rifts. The Soul II Soul homage during the effervescent choruses simply highlights the craftsmanship and adaptability of Monsieur Adi and the resounding qualities of London's A*M*E in lassoing contrasting sounds into one fantastically slick dance-pop gem.

Listen to "What's Going On" below via Soundcloud then follow these two with the respective links underneath and share / tweet / listen away. 

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