03 September 2013


After an extended hiatus filled with writing and constructing disco indulgent electronica, Queen Of Hearts is finally back and primed with new material. We are a huge fan of the solo artist whose smouldering tones and glacial productions have earned her a loyal following and approving industry nods. Better known as Elizabeth Morphew, the Londoner's latest effort is far more frivolous and bold, a sidestep towards camper disco-pop and courteously acknowledges the silken ways of Kylie Minogue or Roisin Murphy whilst making it entirely her own unique sound. "Secret" is an imposing thoroughfare dominated at one end by a gargantuan bass-line that fluctuates and encroaches into your personal space with insidious intent whilst at the other glittery synths explode and erupt with creative enamour and highfalutin bravado. The only concordant thread keeping "Secret" together is the crystalline sharpness and ghostly vocals of Queen Of Hearts herself; they work with unspoken resolve and pointed understanding to command such diverse musical inputs, to harness them and resourcefully allow them to bubble up through. This is controlled electro-pop and showcases the masterful ingenuity of Morphew. Like trying to contain an actual secret, she scantily reveals her thoughts in an interpretative bath of shimmering music and whispered lyrical musings.

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