21 September 2013


GAPS, the Brighton duo of Rachel Butt and Ed Critchley have only been around for a year but they have already generated critical interest. The two both come from Coventry, but for different reasons the quietly resolute and stoic pairing ended up in Brighton and decided to forge a musical allegiance. Despite releasing just a handful of tracks, GAPS have been showered with praise regarding their abilities to fuse whimsical folk dreams between imposing electronic arrangements. It is stark, yet captivating. Searing off needless indulgences in favour of a solid rhythm, a key directive theme and masterful production residuals. Latest single "Keep You" incorporates the previously mentioned to the letter; gentile keys and guitar tweaks float across one another with surprising grace amidst deliberately crackling reverb. Raw. Exploratory but always with a sense of direction. Diluted Indian mantras and siren echoes emanate from Rachel, weaving and cavorting between Ed's shadowy productions that only endeavour to gain momentum for the remainder of the track. This dualistic approach has already been noted as one of their defining idiosyncrasies: contemporary versus modern, man-made mixed with digital, a male and female collective; with unspoken understanding their music portrays a seamless unison which puts them right up with the likes of The XX or IYES and a single such as "Keep You" demonstrates their capabilities perfectly. 

Check out the Soundcloud for "Keep You" below then share the new music love via the links provided. Tell us what you think of this Brighton duo and leave a comment or two.

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