24 September 2013


The array of soft beats, gravitationally liberated vocals and tender electronic nudges that underpin the nature of Wildcat! Wildcat! would imply the band come from somewhere noted for such music like Melbourne or Stockholm, but in fact the trio consisting of Jesse, Jesse (yes there are two) and Michael hail from the glittery suburbs of Los Angeles. We first covered Wildcat! Wildcat! over a year ago after hearing their harmonic constructions and docile musical interpretations on single "The Chief". Since then the band have only re-enforced such identifiable sound traits further and gained an established fan base with a self-titled sophomore EP and current US tour supporting the formidable and 'en-trend' MS MR. The outfit's latest release maintains the band's now customary aural genetics whilst infiltrating a day-glow electro-pop vein that feels instantly more contemporary and fresh; mesmeric falsetto-clad vocals soak "Garden Grays" in a balmy lacquer of sauntered beats and soothing keys that is momentarily unsettled by intermittent synthesised channels and shuffled drums. The comparisons to MGMT, Empire Of The Sun and M83 are rife, but this band manage to fuse the wanderlust natures of electro to that of carefree and heart-warming folk-pop with unquestionable ease and melodic charm, standing them apart from the aforementioned rather nicely. "Garden Grays" is a simple song that gradually builds into a beautiful sunny arrangement of cascading choruses and fluffy electronic revelry.

Check out "Garden Grays" via the Soundcloud link below then be sure to follow the band on Facebook and through Twitter, then go on and share the new music love amongst yourselves.

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