20 July 2010

The Beginning

OK so here I am, finally, on the internet, immersing myself into the blogosphere to have fun, create my own lil world full of music and to inform you dear people about it. To hunt down and boldly find new artists, songs, sounds...yes, I shall do my very best indeed. So, a quick bit about me; I love music. I always have since I can remember, and I feel that if a song is catchy enough for you to remember well written lyrics, can make you tap your foot in time with a particular beat or has the ability to draw a form of emotion from the deepest chasm within your being, then that my dear people is a good song that MUST be blogged about surely!

I want to share the things I hear. I'm not the best writer, nor the best expert on all things music both past and present. But who cares, the internet is here so people like me can write and share. I want a career as a music journalist so perhaps this is the start of an interesting journey, let's find out and see! Soooo, that journey has to start somewhere. It needs a defining moment, a beginning, starting here. So sit back, listen, enjoy and be a happy owl! Hoot Hoot!

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