02 August 2010

Kylie Minogue - "Aphrodite" Album Review

Hello my fellow owls.

Right, I have to start blogging sometime and I have actually found time to do so right now. My eager talons have decided to review Kylie Minogue's eleventh studio album "Aphrodite", so sit back, have a cup of tea and please enjoy.

I had been waiting with baited breath and anticipation for this album for a long time coming now since her previous album “X” was infiltrating the chart more than swine flu was making it’s way around Mexicans; controversial pandemic references aside, for those of you living with a paper bag over your head for the last 22 years, Kylie is the little Aussie starlet who personifies feel good glittery pop that is infectious and unique. In the UK especially, Kylie has always had the moniker of the “Pop princess”, and with notable success from previous albums “Fever” and “X”, she has cemented that general opinion amongst industry critics.

However, as great as “X” was, a music behemoth termed “Gaga” well and truly swept aside the then current run of pop chart regulars such as Girls Aloud, Goldfrapp, Pussycat Dolls, The Ting Tings and the like. It could be said that Lady Gaga raised the stakes when it came to modern and contemporary pop. Controversial, “quirky”, talented, and a gifted performer. Something the global media relishes and thrives on. Thus, Kylie was swept aside and almost forgotten about as she concentrated on her personal life and post-cancer recovery. The longer she stayed away, the more was indirectly expected of her to make an epic comeback. And I think, Kylie, the "Pop princess", has done just that with an air of class, modesty and professionalism.

“Aphrodite” is the fruits of hardwork and excellent collaborations, crafted by Stuart Price, Richard X, Calvin Harris, Jake Shears amongst others. I grabbed myself a copy of the album on it's UK release date. I sat down and played it all the way through,. I can safely say I was so relieved that Kylie had not let me down. The album is simply a work of genius. If you crave breezy electro-laced synthy pop songs, then this album is most definitely worth your time and hard-earned money. The album is teeming with superb pop tunes. The first single to be released, “All the lovers”, is pumped full of swirling synths, airy vocals, and beautifully mixed beats to create a heavenly endorphine ride of contemporary pop as its best.

Every song is most definitely a corker. “Get Outta My Way” is a classic pop tune. Light yet edgy vocals generates a chorus with some underlying emotion allowing the listener to engage with the lyrics and liken themselves to what is being sung. This in turn creates a refreshing and uplifting feel that tumbles onwards like an avalanche, sweeping you up and onto that dancefloor; arms extended and dance moves at the ready. “Closer” is a bohemian electo-harpsi-esque song that digs its claws into you and drags you into a state of awe upon hearing the darker tinged side of modern pop. “Illusion” has a distinct 90’s feel about it, with catchy intermittent bleeps, staccato piano keying and electro troughs of wavey delights. “Put Your Hands Up” is another stormer. A real club classic that could blow Scandinavian minx Robyn high and dry out of that frozen glacial lake that is uber cool pop. The song is commanding, vivacious and oh so very Kylie in its irreverent upbeat and shimmering composition. "Aphrodite" and "Cupid Boy" are other standout tracks that exude the classic Kylie charms of fantastic pop at its very best and most exuberant.

The whole album unquestionably highlights the feeling that Kylie is starting to dictate the direction her music is taking. The hard work has really paid dividends and catapulted Kylie back into the spotlight. The album is perfect for getting ready before a night out. It’s not too serious. It’s just there, stirring the emotions, poking you in the side like an excitable friend getting you to dance faster than you can say “shiny gold hotpants”. "Aphrodite" is a piece of crafted pop wizardry that drips pure bliss into your eardrums. Rihanna and Lady Gaga make notes. "Aphrodite" has fallen from Mount Olympus to scintillate us at last. Welcome back Kylie is all I can say.

Check out the video for "Get Outta My Way" below and also show Kylie some love, download or buy her latest album, join the facebook/myspace/twitter groups and get listening my little owl fledglings.

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