11 August 2010

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M.I.A. - "XXXO"

It's time to get this blog well and truly steam rollering through a computer screen and into the back of your retinas for your brain to process I reckon. Today I have just seen the music video for "XXXO", the second single off M.I.A.'s latest album "Maya".

I first heard this song whilst at work a while back and felt that the tinny intercom surround sound system instore did not do this finely skewered slice of BBQ feisty music delight any justice at all. This is a song you can easily play over and over and over again and fall in love with. Simple. The attitude driven vocals about love in a tumultuous modern technologically involved world are bitter, yet sincere. The composition of the track is top notch; clunking backgrounds, swooping bass and resonant drones, peppered with an almost annoyingly electro-esque series of glitchy twinks thrown into the mix for good measure. The song is a credible effort for M.I.A. and definitely suits this summer down to a tea.

The music video is also worth a watch. A lot of artists seem to be getting lazy and slapping copious amounts of PC wizardry into their videos that could put a smutty magazine cover girl to shame with the amount of plaster they can smother onto their botox chops. The video shares recognisable similarities with MGMT's "Time To Pretend" video; a psychodelic concoction of graphics, random images and heavy layering. M.I.A.'s garishly cheap bling, the obviously un-subliminal advertising of "XXXO" continuously emblazoned over the video and the pointless use of swans, leopards and unicorns are ultimately superb add-ons to what could easily lull itself into becoming a drab video. Overall, a classy hallucinogenic inspired video for a scorching electro/alt/urby-pop tune. Watch the video below and as usual, show M.I.A. some love by joining her various Facebook/Myspace/Twitter pages.

JUMP JUMP DANCE DANCE - "MODERN EYES" (BIT FUNK REMIX) Jump Jump Dance Dance hail from Australia and they have recently gained a loyal following via Hypemachine and on various blogs, launching them onto the global scene where joyful disco-electro pop is concerned. This clever duo formed due to a love of electro and synthesizers and everything surrounding the Australian electro clubbing scene.

After releasing the moderately successful "Show Me The Night" which helped the twosome gain some headway and deserved praise, they now have a follow up tune which is a cracker. "Modern Eyes" is such a delight. Whispy and airy, trickling into the eardrums like sipping a well-aged whiskey on a freezing winter night. However Chicago/Toronto resident Bit Funk is a welcome addition to this song and it's already excellent credentials.

Bit Funk's energetic injection of excitable synthing, steady beats and funky driven tempo clobbering, in combination with Jump Jump Dance Dance's vortexy glittered vocals makes it the best match made in heaven since the England football team and the word "Disappoint" first plastered its way across a tabloid.

Sadly there is no music video for this tune but check out the song below and as before, give Jump Jump Dance Dance and Bit Funk some love by going to their respective Facebook/Myspace/Twitter pages.

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