08 March 2012



Australia has a growing tendency to produce some eclectic, invigorating and forward-thinking electronica and alternative pop, which certainly gives those rival Scandinavians a proverbial run for their money. In recent years we have witnessed the likes of Pnau, Gypsy And The Cat, Tim And Jean and a plethora of electro-pop artists seeping through the confines of the distant land from "down under". The hub of such genius creativity is often pinpointed to the cosmopolitan streets and clubs of Melbourne, but flying the flag for fellow city Sydney are the new band Tokyo Denmark Sweden.

The somewhat bewildering name has absolutely no attachment to Australia which can be slightly confusing to those lacking geographical knowledge but subjects and artist names aside, this band are beautiful. They possess a delicate sparkle of imagination and talent that only now is being honed and sculpted for ears to hear. Amy Pes, Chris Vasyli and Tom Sheldrick make "music your ex has sex to". Not Owl By Night's words, theirs. The allusive three-piece's latest offering "Little Quarters" is a simplistic thoroughfare of dazzling stargaze nostalgia. Altitude soaring synths thrust the listener into ethereal realms of monochrome bliss that drip glistening keys and reverberating bass twinges into a neon mire of darker hollows and cavernous soundscapes. Amy's voice delivers a haunting, spectral association, siren-like and mythic, bringing together the heavier background electronica into a smooth metallic finish. A shimmering pool of electro bleeps and bass thuds gives momentum through the chorus and leaves the final product feeling pristine and glacially cleansed. Keep an eye out for these newcomers, your ex might be listening to them, (Amy, Tom and Chris will know what that means).

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