13 March 2012



Welsh power vixen Marina Diamondis served up a tasteful array of electro-pop that reinvigorated the charts back in 2009-2010 along with fellow female comrades Little Boots, La Roux and Florence And The Machine, stamping her unique take on contemporary music. After infecting the charts with alternative pop that was deviant, forward and gritty the first time around, Marina is back after tantalising fans with "Radioactive" last October. With the first single off the new album "Electra Heart" titled "Primadonna", the connotations offer no surprise that the second album delves into the materialistic and commericalised world of Hollywood. Casting aside glamour, fame, unscrupulous beauty and charm, the listener is given an opportunity to hear Marina's vocalised opinions of the industry with barren sincerity and audible prowess.

"Primadonna" harks back to the eclectic bolshy attitude and blunt assertiveness of "Hollywood" by starting off with Diamondis' stereotypical sharp vocal display; whimsical and enchanting yet contrastingly piercing. Produced by Dr Luke (Jessie J, Britney Spears), there is no lacking of pop expertise and competency on the opening single. Fuelled by eruptive emotional streams of pitch perfected audio jewels, the candid lyrics are dissected by abyssal bass lines and aggravated electro intrusions. The two elements work in surprising unison, garnering a need to start shaking body parts and dance wildly as the track develops a solid underlying beat with gnarling electro waves superimposed on top. The chorus is a mammoth culmination of Marina's expressive vocal layouts sprinkled sweetly over hooky bass warps and supersonic electro zaps. The result is a spiritedly pop-tastic tune composed of just the right amounts of clubby electronica and sassy vocals which will certainly springboard Marina back into the limelight and deserved chart success.

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