16 March 2012



These days it has never been easier to form a band or become a music artist. The era of "bedroom" artists who compose entire albums on a computer using easily obtainable software systems is flourishing and shows no signs of stopping. It is now a formality for homegrown talent to infiltrate the charts and pepper the Top 40, think Little Boots, The Arctic Monkeys, Jessie J, Adele, Chiddy Bang, Labrinth. Electronica, pop and indie all emerge as key genres yet there some areas that are left lagging behind. Ska, punk, rock; they all seem to have taken a minor back seat. Perhaps it is harder more than ever, in a increasingly self reliant and competitive market to stand above mediocrity and sameness. A band resourcefully nudging the general mainstream music zeitgeist are Echo Rain; four lads living in the picturesque Victoriana wonderland by-the-sea that is Brighton who are on a mammoth push to advertise themselves to the world with youthful diligence and good work ethics.

"A Million Little Pieces" immediately begins by tearing apart your ear canals with energetic shouty vocals that possess skittish angst charm and guttural strength. This animalistic venture leads onto a steamroller surge of frenetic guitar madness, vicious bass strides and brilliantly maniacal drumming. The leading instrumental and vocal layouts offer an eclectic array of rebellious noisia which evokes broad similarities to a range of established progressive rock artists; Taking Back Sunday, Feeder, Rancid, 30 Seconds To Mars, Proceed. However, the subtle dose of commerciality should suite those less experimental listeners with compositional leanings to Kids In Glass Houses and dare this blog suggest it, Elliot Minor.

The whole thoroughfare continues with explosive supernova prowess leading into the chorus build up. The vocals become screechy and laboured, pouring emotive lyrical complexities over seismological drum beats and clattering guitars. Instead of plateauing out, the ballsy and cataclysmic array of sound has the continued ability to unleash a skulking emo crowd into one of all out dancing and mosh-bouncing. The dynamic instrumentals offer a multi-faceted take on the genre, splashing murky guitar twangs over saturated sweaty drums and expressive sparkling lyrical potential. The quintessential flippancy of Brighton and it's "anything goes" approach has allowed the band to creatively mould themselves into a genre splicing bundle of differentiating musical talent with gusto passion and collective drive. The hooky compositions of Echo Rain's latest single are savvy and competent, offering alternative prog-rock to a broader audience which is both intelligent and a bold move. With a metallic behemoth of a track in the form of "A Million Little Pieces" it shouldn't be too hard for the Brightonian quartet to gain further popularity and deserved recognition.

Check out the music video for "A Million Little Pieces" below (notice how it is very reminiscent of Twenty Twenty's "Love To Life" go-kart video during the bumper car scene). Then show the guys and this blog some love by following on Facebook / Twitter.





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