19 March 2012



There is nothing more exciting than a fellow ornithological-sounding band to get the feathers ruffled, especially when the band in question are entrepreneurs in reviving the lacklustre and slightly tepid UK indie scene. The glory days of Oasis, The Arctic Monkeys, Blur and The Strokes seem long gone; a sepia toned memory and drowsy reminiscence of noise engulfed by often bawdy commercial mainstream. However when four talented musicians named Harmony, Nicole, Paul and Matt congregated in the cosmopolitan arena that is London and jostled concepts and ideas, fate dictated the formation of Vuvuvultures. Consequently, an accordance of musical sparks whose vision of producing diligent and storming tracks was born, aimed at spicing up the lethargic indie world with refreshing poise and taste.

The band's EP "VVV" provides an eclectic miscellany of variant soundscapes and cavernous wholesome affairs draped in artistic noir darkness. "Safe Skin" is an ember-hued collective of intertwining smokey vocals brushed across drum beat thickets and morose guitar flicks. The almost dishevelled undertones of "Safe Skin" feel earthen and natural whilst the melodic vocals enchant and elevate the track to an almost atmospheric sense of purity, bringing contrasting elements into a neatly unison package. As the track progresses guitar pangs become entangled amongst siren-esque synth whirrings that agitate the constructive beats allowing the instrumental battle to effervesce with excitement and perpetual sound building. As the towering compositions of shimmering electro and nocturnal traditionalist indie collide, the resultant chorus is surreptitious and quietly mysterious. Emerald guitars pool around liquid electronica creating a resplendent blend of instruments and vocals, perfect for hazy beach gigs under rustic sun scarred skies. Vuvuvultures compose dynamic tracks with faceted depth and sublime professionalism that help pave the way for intuitive, revitalising indie to return to the fray once more, "Safe Skin" is one such track which should help this outstanding band achieve success.

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