21 April 2012



It is no secret that Australia is in the midst of an electro-pop renaissance, easily giving those monopolising Scandinavians a run for their silky modernistic pop money. The nurturing 'burbs' of Sydney and Melbourne have already harboured some excellent acts from Pnau to The Presets, with the pool of creative minds and entrepreneurial musicians appearing to expand further across into foreign markets, it seems deservedly feasible that Australia is fast becoming a hub for genre blending, trend-setting audio geniuses. The collective behemoth that goes by the name of Cut Copy are unquestionably the canons of Oceanic easy-listening electronica. With a decade of musical experience under the quartet's skinny tan belts and with their latest album "Zonoscope" striding forward with defiant creativity and imaginative verve, it was perhaps no big surprise to see bass guitarist Ben Browning breaking free like a boisterous atom, honing his musical skills, driving the passion and producing masterful, exquisite tracks of sugary pop and quirky indie charm.

"I Can't Stay" is the perfect antidote for casting aside the temperate spring months steeped in sickly connotations of rebirth, cute furry animals, drizzling rain; to welcome in the embracing warmth and invigorating feel-good vibes that only a summer season could muster. Immediately our ears are invaded by a plucky serenade of skittish synth jolts and bleeps which give the song an instantaneous pulse of energy. Fluttering bouts of electronica fervently dogfight with euphoric bass lines to generate the solid underpinnings this song possesses. With a skip-a-long almost lackadaisical motion, "I Can't Stay" trundles along with positive dynamism and rapturous instrumentals; juvenile computational shrills and Balearic whomps sew together neatly to form a variant electro-pop fretwork. Browning's vocals are charismatic and skilfully indulge the ear canals; dripping sweet vocoded pleasure whilst waxing lyrically of "staring at a footprint on a fallen leaf". Almost non-nonsensical, the sheer dexterity of Browning's joyous chanting and airy oxygenated vocals lift the song to ethereal realms of blissful electro heaven. With aqueous momentum this sandy slice of contemporary indie charm meanders along at an assured pace, keeping the listener hooked till the last tweet of synthesiser or atmospheric sigh released from Browning's lungs.

"I Can't Stay" can initially appear simplistic and lacking depth, but muzzle past the layers and you will see this a finely sculpted and professionally coated piece of electro-pop wizardry. Ben Browning has done himself no harm in cementing his reputation as a talented musician and with his debut EP "Lover Motion" being released back in March under Cutters Records and with input from Architects In Helsinki, it is certainly worth a listen. Ben might not be able to stay, but we certainly can. 

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