22 July 2012



It is perhaps no surprise in the slightest that this music blog has a long standing affinity for all things Swedish, even more so when it involves music. The nation that gave us Volvo, Ikea and the delicious meatball has also produced a wealth of supremely talented artists from Robyn to Abba. Andreas Moe is certainly a bright little star worth keeping an eye out for. Born in Stockholm, Moe is a gifted producer, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who has been influenced by artists ranging from Michael Jackson to Jeff Buckley; his hefty music background involves work with the incredible Avicii, Made In Chelsea's Caggie Dunlop and Swedish DJ John De Sohn with future collaborations alongside Fedde Le Grand and Tiesto in the pipeline.

Focusing on Moe's latest release sees the audio maestro cast aside his more upbeat work in favour of a striped down pop number that gently acknowledges both his excellent musical compositions and transcendent genre amalgams. "Collecting Sunlight" is a feathery acoustic jaunt that wisps together satin key collectives and minimalistic electro skylines of bleeps and oscillating warps. Andreas has a beautiful voice; pure, sincere and perfectly married to his inner emotions; converting intangible feelings into something very real, honest and to which a listener can easily associate with. The intimacy of Moe's pitch perfect vocals gives this latest track a light, refreshing vibe as the choral build up injects enough auditory drive to keep ears hooked and suitably sated; the contemporary musical arrangements work with a gilded finesse that places this Swedish newcomer head and shoulders above the majority.

Check out the cute little music video below then show this awesome Swede some love via his Facebook and Twitter links underneath or buy his EP online.





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