09 August 2012



In 2008, two years before Owl By Night made the transition from idea to reality, vlogging on Youtube was a favourite hobby that took up many hours of our precious spare time. Vlogging opened up Owl By Night to a broad, diverse and extremely welcoming online community and one person in particular stood out; a beautiful Icelandic gem of friendliness, joviality and ushered talent. We conversed several times about her singing voice and the stalled insecurities about chasing her dream, thankfully four years on inroads have been made at long last and the pristine starlet is beginning her musical journey in earnest.

Soffia Ósk hails from Eskifjörður in Iceland and moved to the UK after her father gave her the opportunity to follow her dreams of "Moving to the exotic place of England, where they drink tea and say 'init'", not our words Soffia's words. Having garnered a popular following and likable persona amongst the fledgling vlogging community on Youtube Soffia began to delve into online music video posting. In October 2011 she joined Stalking Horse Media where she hones her tender singer/songwriter abilities. "God I love You" is the debut single from this pocket charm who fashions together silken pools of breezy folk-pop with chortling instrumental thoroughfares. Sounding like Lena meets Lune, Soffia's vocal soundscapes are stereotypically Scandinavian; the crystal precision of echoed notes, enthusiastic determination from thought to expired lyric and the endearing lisped amalgams of words where English clarity and floaty Icelandic dialect huddle together with sweetened unison. Ósk's melodic charisma tentatively bubbles through each genial lyric and clopping chorus beat generating a song with pristine glacial dimensions full of emotive fragility, honesty and a warming spirit. Soffia is one to watch out for and Owl By Night wishes her the very best of luck.



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