10 August 2012



Purity Ring are the duo of Corin and Megan who follow their fellow Canadian label mates Grimes across the Atlantic to showcase their dreamy alternative pop sound to eager UK audiences. With the Zeitgeist sound increasingly leaning towards moody, well crafted electronica it has never been more difficult to develop a unique and instantly attractive musical brand; The XX, Mmoths, Metronomy, Foxes, Queen Of Hearts, such artists are championing new forms of pop that offer depth and compositional worth, Purity Ring perfectly conform to such specifications.

"Fineshrine" imbues the very essence of Purity Ring; assured confidence, pioneering rhythmic portraits and intelligent genre fusion. Bringing together juxtaposing elements gives this song unfathomable depth where peaceful emotive scripture glide effortlessly across midnight blue lakes of dense electro thuds. With determination this song transcends instrumental fields and tiptoes with nonchalant whimsy between spectral staccato beats to take the listener on a journey of sound, sense and emotion. The opening line has garnered many fans of poetic forms and meticulous lyrical detail; "Cut open my sternum and pull my little ribs around you", utterly macabre yet beautiful and pure in utterance. "Fineshrine" continues further which a punchy deliverance of noise; primordial electro waves lap against cleansed synthesised landscapes with such clinical precision that the music ultimately feels ethereal and palpable. Purity Ring's seamless musical layering generates a sound so crystalline that it changes a listener; their heart is soothed, their mind caressed. 

Owl By Night thinks the Canadian duo's silken alternative pop is both adorable and enrapturing, so be sure to get the album "Shrines" out now and to check out the brilliant music video directed by Young Replicant below then check out the links underneath.





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