14 August 2012



Avec Sans are the vibrant London duality of Alice Fox and Jack St James. Relatively little is known about this pristine duo other than they have set a high precedence by stamping their own unique sound on the popular Bon Iver track "Perth", transgressing genres and generally mixing things up. Scrawling under many new music radars the Soundcloud hits and Youtube views are slowly but surely creeping up and it is clear to see why. Avec Sans behold a niche sound that is refreshing, seemingly pragmatic and experimental. The male/female twosome aesthetic has never been so concrete with acts such as I Am A Camera, DWNTWN, Purity Ring and Niki And The Dove becoming increasingly successful. Therefore this London collective have perfectly orchestrated their timing in which to maximise their impact and distinguish their sound from the offset.

"Heartbreak Hi" introduces itself with a noire-scape draped in neon electro vortexes interspersed by omnipotent French 'a la Daft Punk' warps of twitching and cascading spacial zorbs. This theme ruggedly underpins the song in it's entirety from start to end  giving "Heartbreak Hi" a sense of anchorage and tapered efficiency. Avec Sans sculpt each musical layer using gentle hands and analytical minds with a constant leaning towards making breezy, engulfing pop that strays just the right distance into the realms of alternative. Fox's vocals are absolutely perfect for the duo's sound; atmospheric, colossal and beautifully vulnerable, each spoken word unlocks a flurry of emotions that compliment the lyrics of "Heartbreak Hi". The chorus has a fantastically uplifting hook that unifies the song's lighter pop traits with the murkier swathes of pulsating electro beats to produce a catchy track full of depth and dynamism. Check out the song below then show the two some love via the links underneath.





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