14 August 2012



Sydney's Van She have spent four years under the limelight after their debut album "V" and it is clear to see why, they have been carving out the diligent follow-up "The Idea Of Happiness". Like a fiery culmination of Cut Copy, Strange Talk, M83 and Bag Raiders, this band sew together every positive musical strand and produce silken electro-pop brimming full of clonking instrumentals and tropicana synth base washes. "Jamaica" is a beautifully organised display of watery beats that shimmer with diamond wonderment amongst bubbly electro pools and delicate vocal wails. Tender yet euphoric, Van She manage to layer their tracks with tailored finesse and day-glow inspiration.  


The DJ from Kaiserslautern, Germany is romping his way up charts and setting tongues wagging with his vivacious attitude towards producing glistening electro dance music. Gaining recognition both in Europe, North America and Asia underlines the fact that this DJ has bags of potential and "Spectrum" marries the powerhouse vocals of Koma with the bedazzling frenetic beats of Zedd into a futuristic dogfight of synths and vocal hooks. A mid-noughties dance revolution is on the cards as pumping bass and shuddering electro beats scuffle with youthful energy; a club classic for this year's summer.


Dorset-born singer Bebe Black has catapulted onto the music scene in the last few months courtesy of her feverish vocal range and bullish auditory sound. The female solo artist has already collaborated with dubstep maestro Benga on his firecracker "Icon" and now Bebe Black is armed and ready with her storming EP "The Black Lion Sessions". The angst of Katy B, the soul of Adele and the dynamite edge of Queen Of Hearts embellish Black's lofty vocals into a package that is unquestionably attractive and sets her apart from the majority. "Three Strikes" is laced with vulnerable emotive sentiments yet remains extroverted and pugnacious with a heady dub beat and crimson pop sensibilities; a sure to be hit.


Moshi Moshi's reliable heavyweight duo Summer Camp dish up their third offering "City" from their highly acclaimed EP "Always". Fusing omnipresent sea mist beats together with sultry urban rhythms creates a sweltering combination of sparkling pop flippancy mixed with neon blue electro vibes. "City" transports you to downtown Miami as Elizabeth Sankey's crystalline vocals tantalise Warmsley's electro switchboard arrangements, garnering a sound both soulful, pulsating and summer filtered. Odd Future's Hal Williams' purring slow-rap adds to the seductive vibes of the "City" soundscape; an absolutely brilliant track that is audio honey for the ears.

THE 1975 - "THE CITY"

The buzz words emanating from young city dwellers' lips these days sounds something like "The 1975" and it is obvious why. The latest group to sprawl out of Manchester's dynamic and abundant music scene possess an auditorium rousing sound steeped in powerful indie energy and charming pop undertones. Signed to Dirty Hit Records and drawing praise from Huw Stephens has helped the group gain much needed recognition. The 1975 have Immediately drawn comparisons to Little Comets, Arctic Monkeys and The Kooks, however their sound in our opinion is far grander, almost REM style body tingling invigorating where guitars build momentum, vocals and lyrics cascade with effortless poise and fuzzy bass lines hold everything together in an atomic bundle of musical vigour. "The City" is no exception to said description, utterly stunning.




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