24 August 2012



When you see on paper that a producer has done remixes for Lana Del Rey, Adele, Ellie Goulding, Digitalism, Metronomy and Is Tropical, then you know the person behind the dynamic remastering is fantastic. Moonlight Matters is the fictitious pseudonym used by the Belgian music legend Sebastiaan Vandevoorde who has also worked under the moniker of Villa to which some of you may be more familiar with. "Come For Me" is a metallic extravaganza of grinding synths that harks back to glorious eighties experimentalism; discordant noises punctuate rhythmic arteries and expel neon fluid beats and staccato jabs of techno thuds. Ingeniously utilising the disco savvy of Gustaph from Hercules And Love Affair generates an instant pop classic where softer vocoded strobes lather harsh digital portraits. By etching out hooky choruses and encouraging the package to feel skittish Moonlight Matters has produced a track as excitable as a light-up dance floor 'Saturday Night Fever' style.



Way back in March a vast majority of bloggers and music 'tastemakers' shared a mutual excitement over Noosa, the New York based duo of Sky Barbarick and Matt Buszko. Their first single "Fear Of Love" set an early benchmark of technical prowess and musical ingenuity which was further confirmed by the twosome's brilliant eponymous EP. "Walk On By" follows those finely detailed footsteps and showcases a new facet of pop; sophisticated, regal and in places beautifully hazy. People are labelling Noosa's sound as "dreamy pop", which upon first listening or at a casual glance is succinctly correct, but delve deeper and you find a duo rich in talent, integrity and bestowed with sublime production finesse. The music, the complimentary sound elements of instrumentals and vocals literally do the talking; "Walk On By" commences with a somewhat morose Steinway Grand Piano that impregnates the song with sweeping emotive grandeur and tentative sound progression allowing Barbarick's glassy vocals to interact and drive the song. Noosa explore different tempo foundations to nudge the track along into a lazy oscillation of warming beats, ashen keys and transparent vocal harmony generating a feel-good array of melodies and emotions. This is gentle pop at it's purest and absolute best.


The humble quartet of Bravestation who hail from Toronto, Canada are most notable for delivering finely sculpted models of euphoric relax-pop. Their strident compositions often filter distorted tribal hollows across warm percussion savannah's, distinguishing their sound further by allowing plucky synth musings to skip around ushered beats in a way specific to the Bravestation ensemble. "Signs Of The Civilised" conforms perfectly to the aforementioned, however, the remix by Polarsets excellently collides the gentler melodies of Bravestation with the maniacal and eclectic tribal nuances of this three-piece from Newcastle. This re-work bubbles effervescently thanks to a playful tempo that feels indecisive and frenetic. Adding further tropical indie floatation via cascading synth showers and galactic beats paints a mythic backdrop, almost seraphical in places and transcending genre boundaries. This perfectly allows the original mellow construction to evolve into something magmatic and full of energy as choruses blend and intertwining musical elements dance with spirit.


Futurecop! is the culmination of one Mancunian and one Londoner who, to quote off their Facebook page create 'Dreamwave', "Melodies to escape the depression's of self discovery". The duo have garnered a creative streak of pulsating nu-disco funky dance-pop that filters the same electrifying sounds more commonly associated with artists from Australia or France. Think along the lines of Bag Raiders, Madeon and Grum, if you wish to bandy the duo amongst the genre's bubbly in-house peers. Their sound is a techni-colour amalgam of frittered synth squeezes and bouncing beats delivering simplistic pop full of charisma. GRVRBBRS are the macabrely addressed Brooklyn duo who juxtapose their dark name with all things bright and enticing. Their penchant for sparkly, uplifting and enthusiastic remixes is easily identifiable when you listen to the reworking of "The Only Way". Cranking up the electro fervency and injecting boisterous energy via neon beats, thunderous synth squeals and sugary bass lines is the true GRVRBBR way. Their remixes add that juvenile edge; some fun and leniency which pushes a song along to great effect. The Brooklyn duo leave the Futurecop! DNA intact but alter the codes, the electro-pop composition, mutating it into a frivolous disco thoroughfare.   


Carmen, Kieran and Joseph are the new Toronto collective DIANA who have formed only recently yet already have a debut EP ready and waiting in the wings for ears to sample. Each member has come from a differing music background allowing for a vast miscellany of individual sounds and musical directions to streamline into one uniform expression of noise. "Born Again" starts off in a rather galactic fashion; a series of astrological whirs create an overwhelming depth within the introductory set-up encouraging new instrumental layers to diverge and progress. Like an inescapable vacuum, variant sounds pour into the choral build-up and swirl around with celestial ease and intricate detailing. Hollowed synths meander between airy African chants that tumble innocently and with delicate frivolity; such music conveys powerful euphoric emotions and is further enhanced by Carmen's crystalline vocal waves which unrelentingly tempt a listener's curious ears. Flitting around in the distance DIANA use a series of electro studded chirps, similar to those incorporated by the brilliant young organist Tristan Mitchard, to mould yet another dimension to the "Born Again" package, something fantastical and aspiring. The technical execution of  this single highlights the professional attitude of DIANA and the sheer talent they possess, paving the way for future releases.


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