27 September 2012



The enigmatic London duo of Visitor have been around for some time now churning out neon splintered tracks of enriched electro-pop. They easily rival their Australian counterparts for clinical precision and moulded musical layering to the point that we have to wonder why this duo are not praised more often, especially on their home turf. Their "Coming home/RNB" EP has caused positive murmurs in the blog world and it is clear to see why; gentile synth plateaus, diligent beats and agile instrumentals generate enough verve to shuffle each song along. French producer Lifelike takes "Coming Home" and shreds it to pieces like a maniacal noise-wolf. Bludgeoning beats, frenetic bass thuds and chaotic electro-dance fervour unleash this track into the urban alleyways; pounding along with confidence and subtle doses of camp showmanship. The package created is seeped in power-punch disco fun and computational fuzzy frolics.


Ed Drewett was born in Harlow, Essex and has intrepidly worked his way up to a formidable position as a recording artist with the help of family, friends and prime song-writing experts, namely Matty Benbrook (Paolo Nutini). The dynamic vocal range of Drewett is simply beautiful in a very raw, striped back essence with smoky chords and ushered breaths creating a reflective, honest portrayal. Casting aside his sultry indie persona and vagabond charm, Italian maestro Monsieur Adi has laboriously mutated Drewett's original into something vastly different and compositionally pristine. Converging indie, pop and chillwave electro into one streamlined musical shard delivers a sound elegant, remorseful and full of weighted emotion, and that is still referring to Drewett's steely vocality. Monsieur Adi sculpts an almost morbid void of meandering audio elements that builds to an eruptive crescendo; melodic whomps, Gothic resonance and slow-cranking synths which nudge the whole track along rather begrudgingly to merge versatile English foundations with stylistic Italian vibrancy; powerful and invigorating.

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