11 November 2012



If a band somehow manages to incorporate all the little nuances of our home city; the sights, the smells, the random activities you get up to on a daily basis without thinking about it for a second, into a music video for a song we already love and are about to review, then said band have got off to a very, very good start indeed. San Cisco are four exuberant young adults with a penchant for making sparkling indie numbers bursting with decadent harmonies and uplifting tempo drive. Perhaps it is the nourishing waters of the Indian Ocean and the spatial isolation of Western Australia that has nurtured the group's sound, that or the fact that Nick, Scarlett, Jordi and Josh all attended the same high school having grown up in Freemantle. We are inclined to think it is most probably the latter. However, this four-piece produce music with unwavering solidarity and foster a type of indie that is enigmatic, bubbly and cute. Their EP "Beach" was released in the UK earlier this month and we cannot contain our juvenile excitement about San Cisco any longer. The land from Down Under is missing a promising musical talent ever since Gypsy And The Cat or Tim and Jean stood aside from the blogosphere limelight, so we can only but welcome San Cisco with open arms; if the mighty Columbia Records can sign this spirited group then surely we can give a full hearted online endorsement.

 "Beach" starts off with an undulating circus play of eighties inspired synths that orbit whimsically between each newly introduced musical layer. The encouragement of sound is gentle on the ear generating a milieu of chortling audio pleasantries. The whole composition is something rather delightful; relying on the steadfast approach of guitars, keys, drums and bass, San Cisco seamlessly glide into a choral build-up peppered by the ethereal vocal interactions of Scarlett and Jordi. Their unified harmonies belie a morose and sincere lyrical exposure that points with a sinuous finger to the angst of maturing and emotively numbing adulthood experiences. Casting that somewhat disheartening image aside, "Beach" is a fantastically dreamy track which ambles along at it's own pace, content and assured. Exploiting warming pop acoustica with instrumental facets of indie brings about a song enriched by chillout elegance and glistening electro showers. An invigorating chorus and overall production purged of unnecessary showmanship has allowed San Cisco to draw musical elements together into an enchanting landscape that entices listeners to explore, comprehend and appreciate.




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