12 November 2012



Currently based in L.A. this quintet are making sweet harmonies and celestially inspired day-glow folk-pop creations like there is no tomorrow. They are quickly developing a strong online fanbase as their eponymous debut album drops serene pieces of baroque musings and spectral tones aplenty. "What's The Matter" is a convergence of ushered vocals over tranquil guitar plateaus and trickling key cascades which makes Milo Greene's sound altogether pleasing to say the least. Their docile landscapes of pillow-pop meander along at a relaxed tempo and deliver sincere lyrical openness and a rousing chorus that throws a comforting arm around it's listener, drawing them in. This warm, opaque shoegaze affair is not to be missed.


Well where did this retro droplet of swinging fifties charm appear from with such explosive might? Well if the TV viewing majority of you haven't been hibernating behind your sofa then you will recognise this new-age crooner's windpipes courtesy of the latest iPod advert. A lot like Marmite you will either love or hate this track, although staunch tastemakers will dismiss this as cruddy regurgitations, we happen to like this rambunctious jazzy slab of pop. New Zealand-born London based Moon adds a bashful staccato choral chant amongst an army of stomping beats and slippery instrumental interjection. Catchy and flamboyant  "Yeah Yeah" is undeniably fun even if it isn't to everyone's exact taste.



Colour The Atlas are a Swindon band who successfully performed under the guise of the Jess Hall Band over a year ago. They landed a handy string of BBC Introducing performances showcasing the vocal, instrumental and lyrical talents of a then 17 year old Jess Hall. Fast forward to the present and Colour The Atlas are marking a new chapter in their musical career. Their recent single "Snow" is an intimate thoroughfare of keys, guitar, bass and drums that interweave with progressive motion. They serve as the perfect blissful accompaniment to Jess' harmonic vocals, culminating in a track with voluminous choruses and tempo driven energy. Think The XX meets Elizabeth Rose with a little War Paint and Colour The Atlas is the pristine end product. Primed with enchanting indie-pop credentials, Colour The Atlas have a bright future ahead. 


If you haven't heard this gargantuan dubstep romper that has assailed the charts with viral proficiency, then where have you been lately? Nick Douwma is fast becoming a staple amongst the dubstep elite joining the likes of Skrillex, Nero and Chase And Status and just when you thought summer was completely done with for another year, bang! Sub Focus unleashes this kinetic slice of brash techtronica that perfectly slips into the cloudy haze that nestles between chart sensibility and alternative individualism; warped basslines, pulsating synth nebulae and shuddering beats, it is a superb mix. Using his musical intelligence for "Tidal Wave", Douwma did his homework and enlisted the haunting vocal presence of Catherine Pockson from Alpines. Her majestic chords resonate perfectly amongst the contemporary soundscapes to ultimately produce a track that is momentous and energetic.  




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