15 April 2013


                                Photo by Elena Sansigre

Music is cyclical. Underground movements rise, become a temporary Zeitgeist phenomenon, then slip back underground. Remember the dominance of The Arctic Monkeys? A distant memory almost. However, there has been an indie resurgence of late thanks to this repetitive trend setting. Bands like Peace, The 1975 and Palma Violets are once more making impressionable hipsters happy to be elbow bashing each other at gigs whilst swilling cheap beer amidst a sea of creepers and snap backs. Aside from that thought, Robert, Harry, Joe and Ben hail from High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire and make up the refreshing indie outfit As Elephants Are. The four-piece have already received a huge amount of support in the wake of previous releases "War Cry" and "Lucifer". "Youth Blood" continues to stamp down the same veins of smouldering indie tribulations and instrument uproar that are already synonymous with the band. The intro sequence to "Youth Blood" is a feisty concoction of temperamental verse and copper soaked guitar hooks that moodily work in conjunction between the rousing solidity of Ben's vocals. Streaming past are wildebeest drum layouts and fuzzy bass purrs to evoke general energetic discourse. The tempo shifts between verse and chorus make this all the more punchy and highlight the musical synergy achieved by funnelling such intensive guitar interplay and colossal drum thuds across a strong vocal backdrop. "Youth Blood" encourages you to appreciate each differing element being added to the music as something sublime and professionally thought out. This is a fantastic indie number indeed.

Check out the music video to "Youth Blood" below then show the guys some love and follow them on Facebook. What do you think of their latest release? Tell us your thoughts and leave us a comment.




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