21 April 2013


Back in August we first discovered bassDrumsnareDrum, the moniker used by enthusiastic producer Jake Ridley. His phenomenally crisp and astute alt-chillwave electro number "All We Need" that featured the mesmerising tones of Betty Steeles showcased an expansive legion of beats and contemporary techno shudders that immediately drew comparisons to the likes of James Blake or Breton. More recently, Ridley inboxed us with something a little bit different that instantly caught our interest. The London based artist has always worked with a dedicated ethic and passion towards music; since the release of his "Pause/Rewind" EP bassDrumsnareDrum now serves up the "Blue Moon" EP; an eighteen minute behemoth split into three distinguishable sections with differing moods and compositions. Be patient with this lengthy track, you will be audibly rewarded for your loyalty. 

What is clear about this EP is that Ridley's sound has dramatically evolved and indicates his fastidious approach to creating imaginative and individualised sounds. The first two sections are a progressive exploration into the realms of trance and Balearic synth-tronica where galactic bleeps and robotised discord swirl around in a vortex of futuristic noise not too dissimilar to DJ Tiesto or Ferry Corsten. Energetic beats and anxious tempo switches crescendo build all the way through to instil a prolonged interest where the listener is subjected to absorbing noise changes and fluctuations. Nefera's wrought iron vocals manage to paint a stark human vein of realness amongst the data-input binary world that Ridley produces so vividly. It is captivating to hear such sounds when the genres are clearly not something niche or 'current' amongst music lovers, adding further mystery behind such audio frameworks. The final section entitled "2013" is an eventful thoroughfare of spatial whines and angular distortions bludgeoned mercilessly by repetitive synthesised stabs. The production is a culmination of the previous two sections and excellently upholds the drive and momentum needed for this EP. Ridley perfectly demonstrates how to thread modernised dance, trance and electronica into a tight, well executed package. His cosmological leanings garner a sound that feels like it hasn't necessarily been created yet, pioneering in some ways perhaps. bassDrumsnareDrum has once again managed to produce a fantastic world of music that highlights the skill and pristine production values needed for a venture like the "Blue Moon" EP.    

Check out the track via the Soundcloud below. Be patient and you will be rewarded. Tell us what you think afterwards and leave us a comment or two.



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