25 April 2013


Surrey based brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence make up the enigmatic electro-garage duo Disclosure. They are currently riding on a huge wave of success courtesy of last year's infectious hit "Latch" and their follow-up single "White Noise" that featured the edgy flavours of Alunageorge. Now the brothers have teamed up with quirky singer-songwriter Eliza Doolittle whose dulcet warbles and folk-infused isms provide the perfect juxtaposition against the crunked up garage-house milieus that Disclosure create so easily. "You And Me" is the third single to be lifted from the pair's debut album "Settle" and promises to be another surefire hit. Have a little patience with this latest offering, the opening minute is a tentative affair where sporadic house beats and chirping soundboard interactions spring up and weave around the luxurious chords of Doolittle in a very desolate, striped back format. Once this introduction sequence is over "You And Me" takes a dramatic upturn and becomes your stereotypical fiery garage number; Doolittle erupts into the foreground to paint a sizzling picture of attitude-dipped vocals that come across feisty and full of muscle, a massive transition from her indie-folk comfort zone. Disclosure compliment their guest's input with a diverse array of 2-step garage bounces, raucous bass flicks and pulsating house-style synth jabs; each chorus becomes an incandescent mix of sounds where garage, house and electro spar against one another craving attention from listeners and keeping the track driven throughout. The whole arrangement is saturated in a vibrant late nineties feel that marries older composition styles to those of a more contemporary slant, typifying the intelligent and experimental nature of Disclosure and subtly revealing what we can expect from the album. 

Check out "You And Me" via the pair's Soundcloud below and be sure to grab a copy of the debut album "Settle" when it is released in June later this year. Tell us what you think of this latest single, does it get your approval? 





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