04 April 2013


The mysterious shroud that envelopes FTSE makes his music all the more intriguing with every release that appears on Soundcloud. Whilst his material has been on a 'show and tell' trip around the blogger community he is still relatively new and clad in anonymity. Our search came across the name Alex Maybury, part of Manchester's creative arts scene, but we would be foolish to completely assume FTSE is indeed Mr Maybury. The producer threw down four-track EP "Thanks" last September, that was dictated by isolated beats, singular rotations and murky expansiveness. Think of Burial or Mount Kimbie and you get a picture of something minimalist yet precisely tweaked and manipulated for an intended purpose. "Sirvyvin" epitomises the craftsmanship required for producing such a plateau of sound; nudging elements together into an electronic dream. This track stomps through with staccato beats laden heavy in a concrete mask. It is self assured to say the least and deals an imposing shadow over the entire production. Such solid beats feel almost clumsy in places yet they still evade the onomatopoeic slurps and grinds of FTSE's digital machinery to paint a conceptual motif where music and emotion jostle for attention. Spatial dins and thudded chimes give a blackened sense of frivolity on "Sirvyvin" as you patiently wait for the vocals to break the surface and turn this track into something exceptional and studded with lyrical succinctness: "Everyday we're fighting". Sublime and perfectly orchestrated through and through.

Check out the fantastic visuals of the music video for "Sirvyvin" below and then tell us what you think of this song. Does it get your seal of approval?

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