21 April 2013


Go Native consists of Nick, Alex, Catherine and Joe who fuse the alternative natures of indie and electro with the dexterous foundations of pop. The Mancunian band are well known amongst their local music scene having partaken in BBC Introducing events and already laying down their debut EP, "Beaten By Butterflies". A lot of work, time and scrupulous effort has been poured into Go Native and it promises to be a welcome investment judging by the sounds the band are so deftly producing. With reminiscent undertones and characteristics shared by bands like Is Tropical and Gold Fields, Go Native delve into the viscous worlds of murky electronica and frenetic guitar confrontations, merging such elements with the fluffier traits of pop music. Upon hearing "Dunes" it is clear the band manage to perfect the way in which contrasting noises are spearheaded into one dauntless and phantasmagorical music alloy; the introductory sequence is fuelled by the extensiveness of Nick Toone's vocal relays: vast, empowered and filled with twinges of emotional receptiveness, they perfectly compliment the darker manipulations of sound floating around in the background that are devoid of human qualities. The band's penchant for software programmes ensure the techno-scapes that permeate through are enlivened and alien in feel. "Dunes" gradually builds in tempo and energy, disobediently straying from the genetic structure of verse-chorus-verse to create a sense of imposing noise and explosive dynamism. Threading synthesised bubbles of sound between paranormal computations and razorblade beats paints a musical portrait where indie, electro and pop work in a typically Go Native way that is both cohesive and intelligent. 

Check out the music video for "Dunes" and Go Native's Facebook below. Leave us a comment telling us what you think of this new band from Manchester.



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