05 April 2013


We first blogged about IYES at the end of last year (Click here). Brighton's mesmerising duo of Josh Christopher and Melis Soyaslanová well and truly catapulted themselves into the new music limelight during the last three months as they grabbed blog headlines, amassed Soundcloud hits and encouraged journalists to tilt their heads with interest at such salivating mood-fixated sounds. Their phenomenal debut cut "Lighthouse" has seen a continuous barrage of compliments thrown at it and with good reason. The pairing's melodic pilgrimages and scrupulous professionalism has put them in a fruitful position to assail the music world further. Latest effort "Glow" carries on where the Brighton two left off and reveals yet another decadent facet to the musical fretwork that IYES create. With an introduction of cascading cymbal waterfalls and Grecian classicality, this latest release automatically adopts a fluid delicacy that transforms seamlessly into an upbeat slab of organic-pop; invigorating vocal harmonies work in tandem as Soyaslanová's cute utterances are pierced by the explosive chords of Christopher: damning, evocative and full of energy. This track fuses fuzzy bass lines and cantankerous drum beats together with absolute ease; channelling such opposing sounds shouldn't work on paper but this credible duo manage such a task with deft hands. This is a vibrant track about falling in love delivered with musical tactility and masterful knowledge of composition making. IYES are a simply fantastic band that Brighton should be very proud of indeed.

Check out the IYES soundcloud and the link to "Glow" underneath and tell us your thoughts. Leave a comment if you like this track.




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