29 April 2013


                                          Photo by Andreas Öhlund

We first blogged about the dual sister partnership of Say Lou Lou last September after being entranced by their debut electro-pop masterpiece "Maybe You". Miranda and Elektra Kilbey instantly demonstrated how their fantastic production values and immaculate sounds layers are based upon a fondness for expansive synth backdrops and lofty vocal melancholia. Despite a name change and the tribulations of creating their own record label titled à Deux, the increasingly popular Stockholm/Sydney pairing generate sounds that sit neatly between the spacey explorations of The Sound Of Arrows and the assertive musical rigidity of Years Away, highlighting further that Swedish music really does set unprecedentedly high benchmarks for others. Say Lou Lou's follow-up single carries on where the sisters left off and maintains all of the adorable characteristics that made "Maybe You" such a hit. "Julian" starts off with relaxed tribal beats that bubble towards the surface to dance intimately with bronzed synthesised updrafts generating a majestic display of sound that has both a calming effect and the power to evoke emotions from within. Say Lou Lou ensures that "Julian" remains a solid dream-pop track by encouraging soft musical elements to huddle together producing a fluid, smooth chorus where gently brushed keys, poignant sound plateaus and the delicate exhalations of the two Kilbey sisters give a sense of fragility and a desire to comfort. This electro slow-burner reinforces the fact that Say Lou Lou have a sharp eye for changing the way we see contemporary pop music, transporting us to their ethereal world of sound and making us feel a hundreds times better for it.

Check out "Julian" below via the Soundcloud link below and then tell us what you think of this latest track from the Swedish sisters by leaving us a comment.

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