03 April 2013


California darlings Trails And Ways marked last year as one for experimenting with their sound and intuitively marketing their music. Singles such as "Nunca" displayed a flavour for rushing sounds and NZCA/Lines style dynamics that quickly got bloggers nattering away. Having performed and toured to a busy schedule the band entered 2013 at full speed with the release of remix EP "Detornar-se" and the expected release of their debut LP "Trilingual". Band members Hannah, Emma, Keith and Ian produce a sound where breezy vocals are painted over melodic instrument frameworks; a lucrative equilibrium deriving from the finely tuned links between each individual's input. The Oakland residents' latest offering "Mtn Tune" doesn't stray too far from the path, however, fellow Oakland legend Wallpaper has sculpted this track into something that is exceptionally different, yet still typically Trails And Ways. Beginning with inconsistent beats and rustic synthesising gives "Mtn Tune" a blotchy injection of energy and discordant nose collisions. Amidst such a furore is the enchanting coos of Trails And Ways that rise from a sea of glitchy techno snarls allowing such male female harmonies to soar upwards. The chorus provides an abrasive genre mix of erratic electro and Duestch-tech squeals that sits surprisingly well over the original layout and provides an intriguing composition of sound that showcases both Trails And Ways and Wallpaper's excellent production credentials. 

Listen to "Mtn Tune" below via the Soundcloud link then tell us what you think. Does this remix get your thumbs up?





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