23 April 2013


We have always loved A-Trak and his masterful landscapes of hardened electro dance that have given him a global reputation as a pioneer of the genre. His ability to extract calamitous noises and snowball them into an invigorating fusion is nothing short of extraordinary; the fact he has been in the business for so long and still manages to entice lovers of electronic dance into clubs is testament to his skills. This time the Montreal born maestro has teamed up with the equally renowned Australian Tommy Trash to produce what can only be described as a thumping club monster. "Tuna Melt" immediately starts off with a skittish tempo that drives this banger along at full speed; its voracious appetite devours the initial outpouring of psychedelic groans and blocky house murmurs to carry this tune along at a progressive and well thought-out pace. Reverberating bass thuds and nineties inspired vocal loops ensure this latest release absorbs all styles of high energy music and slams it against your aural senses. As "Tuna Melt" tumbles forth pandemonium is unleashed thanks to an eclectic array of techno squawks, synth undercuts and oscillating beats that successfully maul one another to generate a scene of carnage and conflicting noise interference. This is chaos. An enlivening, zesty type of chaos which suites such a genre perfectly. Each boisterous element of sound that A-Trak and Tommy Trash inject into this heady dance mix shouldn't work together on paper but the two manage to buck such trends, ultimately producing this volcanic beast.

Check out the exceptional music video below but be sure to not let the stunning visuals detract your attention away from the music. Tell us what you think of "Tuna Melt" and leave us a comment below.




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